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the hockey solution the money was on the clock and i work at the jail for. the as. this is news coming to you live from berlin nato leaders gather in london to mark the military alliance the 70th anniversary present from declares that the u.s. benefits least from the alliance it's not the only point of contention at the meeting. nato member turkey is clashing with alliance members over its intervention in northern syria president john is threatening to block need to defense projects
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undersea alliance designates syria's kurdish fighters as terrorists. and dried up reservoirs and parched land where the experts tell the climate summit in madrid that the last decade has been the hottest on record we look at what it means for one farmer in south africa. hello and welcome good to have you with us. a nato leaders meeting in london to mark the alliance is 70th anniversary has got off to an acrimonious start us president dollars from declared that the united states gets the least benefit from nato humid nato secretary-general stoltenberg ahead of the meeting which aims to discuss issues including defense financing russia and the threats to cyber security
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from china the president also lashed out at the french president in manama crore after the french leaders earlier comments that nato was brain dead. i would say that nobody needs data more than friends you just look back over the last long period of time nobody believes they don't want to write. and frankly the one benefit is really the least is the united states would benefit the least we're helping your your nights when they go against a common foe maybe not be you follow. there are other forces out there also but i think nobody needs it more of the friends that's why are they good one for it's makes a statement like that i mean. it's a very dangerous territory for them. that's just present done from speaking in london earlier today this ongoing live shot cars line teri schultz who's following
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one of this for us in the british capital a welcome terry to know we hear the trump and mcchrystal are meeting in a bilateral meeting or due to meet shortly and given donald trump's comments about france and mccrone this could be a tense meeting. i think there is no way it will be anything but a tense meeting because there isn't just the nato issues going on right now just today there is a new fight between the u.s. and france over the digital tax that france isn't acting on on major tech companies which of course affects the united states most of all and president trump is threatening new tariffs on france so there is a whole host of issues going on between presidents mclaurin and trump and only some of them are having to do with the nato meeting so i think there is due to be a lot of tension between the 2 men who would have ever thought that president trump would be defending nato 'd against critical comments by
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a european leader but that's where we're at today and what happens at that meeting getting underway just now will largely set the stage for how the rest of the 2 day meetings between the other 27 leaders go and did not the contentious issue which is set to come up is turkey's president don wants to block certain. initiatives of progress on those initiatives which would better protect baltic countries what is. hoping to achieve and really get his way. that's a longer running issue on radio because turkey has been threatening this for months and this is not actually something that's even expected to be settled at this leaders' meeting what turkey wants is that all nido allies would declare all kurdish groups opposed by ankara as terrorist organizations that includes the y p g the syrian kurds who are the u.s. allies in northern syria and the united states says that's not going to happen so it's unclear at this moment how far turkey can push it at this meeting when it
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knows that that simply isn't going to happen turkey has a lot of things that wants and needs from the alliance it needs protection in northern syria it needs protection on its other borders so turkey simply is going to have to make a list of priorities about what it wants and how far it's going to push this issue on the kurds when it knows there's not going to be any agreement on that but in os meetings dark trump is often kind of kicked out at some of the nato members saying they're not being enough for defense is he going to recess issue again do you think this time. i think that's inevitable no one thinks otherwise that is one of president terms favorite issues when it comes to any european meeting and of course nato is 1st among those but the alliance has prevailed presorted of priest thought how to handle this and last week when nato secretary general yen stoltenberg held a press conference in which he announced new higher spending numbers by european
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allies higher than had been projected before that means by the end of 2020 next year nato allies will have added $130000000000.00 to their defense budgets collectively then what we're talking about of course is is that each nation spends . a certain percentage of its g.d.p. on its own military the nato goal being 2 percent so now nato allies have one in all increased that spending not only that but if there is a smaller issue about who funds nato is joint operations the headquarters the staff of the international international operations run by nato and germany has agreed to pay the same amount as the united states that brings down the u.s. bending and upgrades germany spending so they're hoping that this sort of eases the way into the discussion about spending everybody's doing better and they hope that will satisfy trump we have to see whether he is satisfied terry shoots in london thank you very much. turkey's president. is that odds with
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his need to allies who was intervention in northern syria as well and turkey has now signed a cease fire with kurdish forces that is largely centered on the so-called safe sill and that turkey wants to set up on the syrian side of its boredom it says this is to protect itself from kurdish fighters it calls terrorists here's a closer look at the area designated for the proposed safe zone. some of the fiercest fighting against the so-called islamic state happened in syria along turkey's border kurdish fighters helped turn the tide with the battle for co bani which has since become one of the main kurdish centers for turkey that's a provocation. it considers kurdish forces and existential threat. with regard to the establishment of a safe zone for the area to be cleaned of terrorists as a result of a president skilled leadership we go we want to see in the negotiations in.
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the area is a fertile plain that once grew the grain that fed much of syria about 1700000 kurds live here along with 500000 syrian arabs and others but the area is also home to thousands of prisoners guarded by kurds at several sites turkey is reportedly guaranteed they won't break out though at least one small scale prison break has already happened meanwhile more than $150000.00 people have been forced to leave their homes by the fighting they don't know what's next. very happy about the ceasefire i hope all citizens return to the country but for the time being i won't return until security is established in syria then we'll go back. but with turkish forces and pro turkey syrian fighters massing in their cities returning here is unlikely for the kurds turkey plans to resettle more than a 1000000 refugees here mainly syrians originally from elsewhere in the country.
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this is my great pleasure to welcome the president of the humanitarian agency the international rescue committee david miliband has continued very much and this event what do you 1st of all give us your views about how you feel about these. stands to sensitivities of the so-called safe zone so the international rescue committee has about 500000500 staff working in northeastern syria they've worked throughout this period of political instability with the turkish invasion obviously the prospect of refugees being returned from turkey who are not originally from the kurdish area fills a lot of people with real fear for the future there are enough battle fronts in northeast syria already you've got russian troops you go american troops you've got turkish troops as well now nevermind some of the other opposition groups that have been in the area and which are in detention now isis fighters in detention there and i think the worst thing would be the force deportation of syrian refugees
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currently in turkey we understand that turkey has really done the mazing job in sheltering 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees but the last thing that would build stability or sustainable livelihoods is the forced deportation so there is some cause for apprehensions what you're saying but let's not turn to another country which has been devastated by a conflict that's yemen your organization has made an urgent appeal that something needs to be done quickly you talk about a window of opportunity to push for peace extend to yemen is the world's largest humanitarian. strophe 24000000 people in humanitarian need the u.n. estimates of those on the brink of starvation in the millions and what we see now is a situation where there is a frontal hope that the reduction in violence as happened over the last 6 months or so can be turned into a full ceasefire and a proper political process and with calling for 2 reasons on the international system led we think in this case that germany has
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a particular role to play to 1st of all prioritize humanitarian access at the moment organizations like mine are finding bureaucratic obstacles in the way of reaching people in need by both sides in the conflict secondly a proper political process that brings this misbegotten war to an end and why have you picked on germany in particular to take action on this issue i think there's a couple of reasons 1st of all america britain they've got other things on the mind germany has also made a real effort to pronounce embargo on the sound the arms sales from germany it's use its voice at the un security council and germany has historically supported the multilateral system the multilateral system at the moment the un system needs all the friends it can get and i think germany has an opportunity here to lead european public opinion as well as you lead european governments it's also an important humanitarian aid donor the german government is a strategic partner of the international rescue committee they're funding us to
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help some of the most vulnerable people in yemen at the moment and i think there's a real opportunity for germany to consolidate the diplomatic leadership to show that you've said that if the international community want to fail now we'd see about 20 years of rampant hunger in yemen give us a sense of what it is full of people living that's interesting isn't it we've seen we've shown how there has been a reduction in now nutrition over the last year in yemen but if we carry on at the current glacial pace it will take 20 years to get back to where the levels of malnutrition were before the war started 5 years ago and the cost of this threat. ron the capacity of the international humanitarian system responds think about it 24000000 people in one country and that's why we think there's a humanitarian reason for action but we also think there's a geo political reason to take this pharmacist and at the same time humanitarian organizations like yours are facing many challenges and what you describe as the age of impunity that's a really good point that we work where there is crisis and the truth is there's
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more crisis why because the old wars in afghanistan and somalia in congo are carrying on a new wars are starting yemen being a prime example that stretching the humanitarian system to its limit it also requires us to change the way the humanitarian system was just one example if you've got time half of the people displaced by war children but only 2 percent of the global humanitarian budget goes in education as a crazy mismatch between needs and reality david miliband a pleasure to have you with us you're the president and c.e.o. of the international rescue committee thank you for coming today thank you very much. they've been having up to date with some of the stories making news around the. german defense minister on a good has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan she says the nato mission to support peace and stability should be extended beyond its end date next march germany has a 1000 troops stationed in afghanistan. died from camuti has lashed the philippines
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bringing to wrench of rains and winds topping 150 kilometers per hour more than 200000 people have fled to safety and at least 3 people have been cleared organizers of the southeast asian games have had to cancel some of the events. the teenage climate activists gratitude because arrived back in europe after crossing the atlantic by boat the catamaran carrying a doctor in the portuguese capital lisbon. has been attending protests in the united states but refused to fly back to europe because of the carbon emissions involved from lisbon she go on to the un climate summit in madrid. and weather experts there are warning that this decades is on track to be the hottest on record the world emitter logical organization paints a bleak picture of the vanishing ice devastating heat waves and encroaching seas
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sobering evidence for the delegates at the summit. the focus right now is on who will launch real action against climate change last year a new record was set with humans pumping more give you tons of greenhouse gases into the environment than ever before now at the u.n. climate conference in madrid spain delegates from around the world are expected to get clear on exactly how they'll take action moving forward. u.n. secretary general antonio tara's said the war against nature must stop do we really want could be remembered as the generation that bertie be having this. wired the planet burns. and the pressure is on the last 5 years where the warmest since humans began recording temperatures extreme weather events are more common sea levels continue to rise to dangerous new levels. of pollution in the
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atmosphere and in our oceans is devastating ecosystems. but so far most countries are still heading in the wrong direction scientists say the vital markers of climate change are predicted to rise not fall in the coming decade emerging economies are burning more coal and the us one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions pulled out of the paris agreement the u.s. delegation says that will change. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a. blocked by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail meanwhile europe is setting its sights on leadership the new head of the european commission ursula vander lyon said europe is prepping to blaze the trail to an economy that prioritizes eco friendly innovation climate. 2015 the
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european green deal is europe's new growth strategy. it will cut emissions while also creating jobs. funder lion said the e.u. wants to create a transition to climate neutrality that is irreversible with plans to invest one trillion euro in the next decade to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent in the world. the race is on to see who can create leadership that finally brings results. mentioned by the experts saying this decade is likely to have been the hottest on record in some parts of the one that means expanding deserts and shrinking farmlands south africa to region is suffering its worst drought in a century it's oldest town cut off and it has been botched but the taps running dry farmers have to decide whether to keep their livestock alive or let them die it's
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a grim choice and one that other places the chinking water supplies could soon be facing as our planet gets. your highness' fun runs but drives past what used to be a field of a god is on his. today there is nothing left. wrong the non-food they are the missing that out they all died in 17 fun runs bugs farm is located in south africa's great career the region is naturally dry but a severe drought is now taking its toll on humans and animals. their words that are that all being so forth but out that all gone through this one walk through is about to be obviously the length of this that are 3 it's now lost the 5 years where we are another thing is. we are not being assisted in any way by by the
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government of the day. the dry land means there is no grazing so to keep his tuna half 1000 sheep and goats alive on runs book has to spend $90000.00 u.s. dollars a month many farmers have to slaughter the animals will file for bankruptcy and with many dams now completely dried up the provincial government recently declared the eastern cape province a disaster area but farmers and residents a still waiting for supporters wendy tunes he has been living in the career town of gras fry net her whole life and we should go tap ran dry and the toilets weren't flush. the children are getting infection people are getting sick. the town's water trucks don't come regularly and wendy is disappointed with the local authorities. it would had over
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a week with. a friend nash is among the worst affected towns dams and rivers a bone dry in april the municipality received $30000000.00 rand that's more than 200000 u.s. dollars in drought relief we try to find out what the money has been spent on and if a water management plan is in place but the mayor isn't available for an interview in the south african disaster relief organization gift of the givers has now stepped in the engine drills bore holes and distributes drinking water to the community. restruck enough water to supply at least 2000 children within the there's a water even a day from now on until the municipality is back on track and they can take the the patient back and they can run again. it seems accountability and good governance
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and needed here every bit as much as rainfall is. stacks of modern art currently stored in basements are to finally get a new hole here in berlin today so the groundbreaking ceremony for a national museum of modern art it's called the museum of the 20th century and was designed by the same architects behind london's tate modern gallery. priceless works of art waiting to be displayed darlene picasso beckman warhol 4000 pieces of stage and modern art stored in a basement. and. now plans to build the museum of the 20th century have been finalized the star architects behind hamburg elp philharmonie concert all designed it after years of delay construction is now set to begin it's going to and now we can finally present 20th century are appropriately culture ministers have to accept
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very expensive construction is these days especially if we are to build the right kind of museums for sophisticated art. building costs have already doubled to about $450000000.00 euros before ground was even broken in the 1st draft design the museum was too close to a protected historic church now it's supposed to be build narrow and deep or another story below the water level the architect says the costs are no surprise. there that this works cost billions you have to realize you can't just make a building that's little more than a tin cover. the prestigious project has long been controversial love by some mocked by others but many agree that berlin needs a modern art museum and the empty space at the cultural forum is a chance to prove that the german capital can build a beacon of the art world. the government has approved about 364000000 euros for
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the project but not everyone supports it when in force it's for a careful economist the pain threshold has already been surpassed that's why the f.t.p. did not vote with the other parliamentary groups we have to accept the majority of our solution but costs will need to be tracked very closely all sides have agreed to have the budget and the construction work checked twice a year yes and through sure of course ready to convince the critics that this is a great building that the science is necessary to present the works properly but given the amount that's been approved it's clear that we and especially those in charge have an extreme obligation to manage costs very very carefully getting guns guns in this cost management tools to free and. museum of the 20th century is expected to open its doors and 7 years time and the developers at least believe the current budget is realistic. to other news now and in chile dozens of students have staged protests at metro stations around the capital of santiago they
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jumped and turnstiles and heads commuters avoid paying for tickets and go over a fare hike triggered the still ongoing mass demonstrations in chile that protest is highlighting widespread inequality. finland's prime minister. has resigned over his government's handling of a 2 week post strike social democrat xina quit after one of his coalition office said it had lost confidence in him the current administration will stay on until a new one is formed. megan rapinoe and missy have won football it's best to just buy along door awards after being recognised as the best female and male player of the. triumphs after leading the united states to one cup glory argentina's messi award for a wreck or 6th time after guiding barcelona to another spanish league title he's now one ahead of his rival. and there was monday
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night football at the bundesliga as mine is host of trying footed every dobby it was the whole side who took a big win to move up from the depths of the table. local clashes are usually fiery occasions and this one was no different flares thrown on to the pitch was a plane for a slightly later kick off than planned but the action came ficken fast much of him so regular visits his one up to 33 minutes by. the defender finding room to shoot amid the chaos. but frank soon ran into trouble dominic cohen receiving his marching orders for this last minute slip up and minds pounced carry him only see one with a series of shots to draw things level of the 2nd cost but 2nd glance him so i got the final touch another goal for the on track man wrong again this time to. find
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a home so i grabbed the winner throughout and saw all eyes close range finish she was fine and still was minds get the points. finally yes temperatures in much of the hole and hemisphere drop let me take you to hawaii where the temperature and the cloudless sky and just about perfect for the top surface in the world they've been taking on big waves in the vans was cup of surfing this is veteran kenny slater who last won the event 21 years ago at 47 he's still on top. and despite the ride being wiped out it helped him put into for the round and in contention for the title one more time. was a. ride. it was in the news coming up next on new seizure the never ending fight for justice for the victims of the was the worst industrial accident.
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and the hidden minority relook at the disabled people in asia overcoming challenges to live a full life. doesn't look coming up in the interview news asia coming up next and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information from around the clock on our website as dot com for me on the thought she mocked by that.
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to go for a devastating debut for jordan flynn smog kept in berlin couldn't keep up with dortmund's to maintain and slid into relegation ranks. by a live of course and takes down by a munich's tough luck for the variance to hit the world series in times the
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size. of 16. douglas. you know that 77 percent. are younger than 6 of. guts me and me. and you know what it's time all voice is part. of the $0.77 he told the bank because. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w a. big clue to today's world. 79 a historical turning up in politics business analysts claim a run up evil of the islamic revolution the 1st. opens up making its initial flirtation with those strengths and states of emergency sinks into chaos
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coach john thomas are going to split the chance of the people from steel door the. ultimate carson was the start of an era that defined so much to. 970 the big media today has moved since december 23rd. this is the doppler news a. coming up the disaster that never ends 5 years ago in india. but since then survivors have after. speaking to some struggled. pushing for respect one in 6 people in
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